Power has been a polarizing word for centuries, but it’s time to rebrand what power means to organizations, to leaders and to every person who is looking to create a life of purpose and impact. The unknown has become a paralyzing place for many organizations and leaders, but if you embrace the unknown you will find more opportunities. If Jayson Waller’s fearless approach to uncertainty and disruption could be bottled, we would see a world of exponential growth on every level imaginable, and it is that power that Jayson Waller helps his audiences understand and align with in order to create professional and personal lives of impact.


  1. Own Your Power: Creating Purpose and Results in Your Organization — Drawing from his well of experience as a leader who creates cultures of highly driven and focused teams, Jayson will share the strategies that helped him successfully grow three businesses, with his current POWERHOME SOLAR at 200M in annual revenue.

  2. Own Your Power: Managers and Teams that Thrive — As someone who has bootstrapped from the ground up, Jayson Waller knows what it takes to hustle, set goals and shatter them every time. He has played every role while building his companies from the ground up and so he knows how to inspire the hustle in managers in teams. In this keynote Jayson gets in the ring with battle tested strategies for success.

  3. Own Your Power: Become An Independent Power Source in Life — How far have you come in having the life you want? Are you still being held back by fear and uncertainty? Now is the time to learn from the man who’s journey from trailer park childhood to self-made success building three companies from the ground up into multi-million dollar enterprises with his most recent venture, POWERHOME SOLAR, skyrocketing towards a billion dollars. Jayson is an authentic innovator because he is always iterating his process to grow himself, his people and his organization and now he is sharing the strategies and stories that will get you living your best life of impact and purpose and Building A Movement (BAM!).